Friday, June 12, 2009

Yay the fifth post

"I prefer you charred tengs"

Right right i'm back writing on this blog again, still short of a dozen but i dont give a fuck, i'm close in getting lemme sum up my week..*drum rolls* *headbangahh*

For this week, it has been fucking turbulent, aside from finishin season 2 of criminal minds, i actually got a letter from the workplace (excuse the obvious) that i'm getting the sack, plus it doubled as a two weeks notice. I was expected for that to happen since i no longer could dedicate myself to that working environment which was very very graveyard ish..spooky as you might think, but yea, besides tolerating the rants and shit, plus taking a task which i had no idea at all, working on sundays, not being appreciated and many more, since i cant quit, i just have to wait for the other person's move (excuse again). I'm being diplomatic but yea, time to find a new job again, got few offers, still thinking about it, and one which requires me to go outstation for months, not ah long job mind you. I dont wanna lose a limb what more my life if i do that shit.

So besides that eventful day, i decided to just chill back home, eat some food, and the bomb sheltahhhhh..yea the 6th edtion, and i've been working just to get this shit on for six fucking month..and next month's i'm taking a break, letting my man Jin Hackman to organise and host..I need a break, and next week's my brithday, i'm a do that bbq project fo real..relatives and friends are invited of course woot..turning 24th, i always hate that particular number (4)..but nevermind, here's all for the good life..

My life revolves around imagination, porn and goodwill. The fuck this third part came through.Goodwill, yes i'm always good to people, so uh, life wont be such a boring rpg at all, for now, i'm just cool with things that are positive, the negative may always be my best roommate, but i aint paying no bills geddamn. But i do see life as a black humor. Fuck that here's a tiger beer for the wretched soul...Peacee

"With jocular - RS stand up!!!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eyes wide shut

"obviously for 50bucks, you cant get a ho like her, quality > quantity"

Yo yo what's good, this is Boss Chan signing in for the 4th time (i mean it), fuck, i'm in the office, munching thru the biscuits i bought from ipoh. Damn right, last weekend i had a very fun time back there. The food, booze, wimmin..hahah..Propos to chow sing sing for bringing us for good food and entertainment, man you cant find dope dim sum in kl anymore, no thanks to the greediness and commercialization. Therefore dope food turn into shit like the jalan ipoh one, wtf all machine processed. Owh yea terminator was shit too. WTF McG. I'm a upload the ipoh pics real soon.

Last friday, that outloud gig was quite good. Textbook crowd i should say, interactive and all. But if the crowd was big like times 5 whoa, that'll be on some dimmu borghir in norway tip..ahaha..I had so much fun although performing one song, with a meal of insanity verse. The crowd support was two nuts up. Boss Chan numsayin. Below is one of the pics taken by Schizzow's gf. Big ups!!

and i'm out,watch out for the ipoh pics...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Woke up in this morning..

"left my house keys again?"

Boss Chan signing in for the third time ( guess i'll keep on doing this till i reach Aite, here's my situation now, i'm feeling sleepy as hell and it did'nt matter much although the better team won, they should have played better imo. But then, it aint easy to waltz all the way to the final, and i expect them to sell off ronaldo so we could get at least 2 players with that amount of moolah. Enough of football for now, i just need a long ass rest, too fucking bad, i'm in the office now with loads of work to be finished by this week. But look on the bright side, you still hanging on to your job when some people with same qualifications as me are out hustling nothing. Yet CNN reported that recession will end by fourth quarter of 2009. Now then what? waiting for petrol prices to go up again? wtf.

Yea and now i'm driftingggg apart from reality,wooo wooo...this saturday i'll be going to ipoh for a night's stay, now i cant wait for that cuz my homeboy, Chow Sing Sing will be getting me some puss..ahaha joking, i just need a gastronomic adventure once in awhile.

Well i do have fond memories of holidaying in ipoh, and one was me driving there. The first time i ever drove outside KL, (if you count nilai and petaling jaya are outside KL). Good food always a 'version' of divine intervention to me, i'm just sick of my freaking neighbourhood joints, expensive, and so-so, unless you're drunk.
I can be as crazy as driving all the way to kampar alone just for that dope ass claypot chicken rice.

Tomorrow, i'll be performing with my crew, the Rogue Squadron at outloud studio in Damansara Perdana. It's a short set for RS and shorter as individuals, one song onlyy wor!! sibeh tulan tau. But it's all good, for now, i'm focusing on writing songs for my upcoming mixtape and getting shows too. Boss Chan running thangs ya heard?? The Bomb Shelter 6 up next soon..cant wait for that.

Oh lynette, if you're reading this..ahaha watch the second clip below(lol)..

i'm outt

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

While no one's listening

"damn riko, no more lesbo scenes ok?"

Aite, so i'm back here again, had a chill weekend and now the first half of the week is coming to an end. I just cant wait for saturdays and sundays (ever since i've been working) but then again, it'll be one heck of a alcohol overkill. In fact me and my homies had a bottle of scotland royal at KLIA, even the cops packing heat did'nt disturb us, but i dont give a fuck, it's all good. Mass Raw, LOL.

Damn, and tonight i'm a wake up early to watch the champions league final. I'm a red devil fo real, i'm always cool with the colour red, i'm down with the bloods, down with my own blood, i drew lotsa blood before from an accident, and yea limau sirap.

With working life as a newfound necessity, i missed many movies that were shown in the cinema. Wolverine, Star Trek, new chinese movies, fucking Watchmen. Instead i just head straight home from the office knowing that i'm a watch Criminal Minds, jeah, i'm done with season 1 and season 2 is much grittier, damn the comfort of watching A.J Cook...hahaha change M.O perhaps?

Ah shit, gotta get back to work...

Friday, May 22, 2009

1st post, and there might be many more to come

"can i get someone like her??"

So, jeah, this is Boss Chan signing in, welcome to my establishment after many failed attempts, this is how i'm a start from scratch and uh, make more fucken monayyy. Marisa Tomei FTW(atas).

I'll blog, but i don't see blogging as a hobby, it's just an outlet for me to be bitter with life. Iced americano anyone?